Coordinate Me

One of the biggest days of your life (I hope), and you’re thinking you might need/want a little help keeping it all together. No worries, my friend. I got you.

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One of the biggest days of your life (I hope), and you’re thinking you might need or want a little help keeping it all together. No worries. I got you.

Weddings. They are amazing and wonderful and celebratory. With so many details and different factors to consider, both in the planning and the day of, it’s pretty easy to feel overwhelmed. But that’s where I come in. Because no matter how crazy or stressful it may seem, I know that your wedding is monumentally important. And ultimately, it’s about you and that one person you’ve chosen to spend your life with. My entire focus is to make sure that day is everything you both want, and nothing you don’t.

From overseeing the event, to coordinating vendor and guest arrival, and putting out unexpected fires, I’ve got you covered. Each couple’s needs can be different, but here are some additional examples of what day-of coordinating services might include:

  • maintain the day-of schedule/timeline

  • guide and cue the wedding party and family members during ceremony and reception

  • oversee setup of all decor items provided by client

  • partner with photographer & dj/band to coordinate details of ceremony and reception

  • oversee distribution of any items necessary for couple’s exit

  • supervise cleanup

  • ensure all personal items and gifts are secured and delivered

Maybe you didn’t see everything your needing or wanting in those examples. For example, maybe you were wanting some help designing the layout? Or maybe you need someone to help conduct and guide the rehearsal before the wedding. Maybe you even need your coordinator to go over all the floor plans and lighting cues. And if all these ideas have sent you into a mental frenzy thinking about all the things you hadn’t thought about before, breathe. We’ll set up a time to meet, sit down, and go over all of it. My job is to get answers to the questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask. Remember, I got you.

Whether I’m guiding a lost vendor to the venue, helping track down a rogue member of the wedding party, re-configuring bouquets/boutonnieres because someone forgot theirs, or making sure there are no unwanted guests or behaviors, I’m your girl and I’ve got your back.

The biggest service I provide is peace of mind. You are meant to enjoy every single moment of you wedding day. Let someone else worry about how to make it happen.

I know, I know. That sounds amazing right?! Now you want to know how much that peace of mind will cost you. I got you there too. Just click here.