Gettin Gify With It

Gettin Gify With It

So you’re thinking about a photobooth for your event. I mean, they’re all the rage right now, so of course you are. Meet the new alternative to photobooths: Gettin Gify With It (props to Will Smith for the nomenclature inspiration). Simple, fun, and totally awesome.

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Instant Text Message delivery

One of the things that makes Gettin Gify With It so awesome is the delivery system. It’s instant and instantly shareable. Your guests can choose to take a photo or create a gif, then they simply enter their phone number and BOOM. Done and on to the next one.

Online gallery

Want your guests to be able to see everyone else’s images and gifs when they click on the link in their text message? You got it. Prefer to keep the gallery on the “DL” and hold on to those images to yourself for future blackmail usage (your guests can still get their photos/gifs)? Got you covered there too.

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want to be extra?

Who doesn’t? At least every now and then, amiright? Whether it’s a backdrop, props, or a custom photo overlay just for your event, turning up the fun on your photobooth is easy! And dare I say, necessary?

It’s ok, you can admit it. Your interest is totally piqued.

But I haven’t addressed the most important question: “How much?” Ask, and ye shall receive.

Gettin Gify With It pricing

Have questions, need some help, or are you ready to pick your date and seal the deal? Hit me up and let’s get this party started!